The Manual

The 2017 version

The third edition of the 2017 version of this critically acclaimed, comprehensive manual was published in April 2018, with 561 A4 pages. It is a manual written for the translator by a translator.

This update includes coverage of all the new features introduced in Service Release (SR) 1 and of several new SDL AppStore applications. The page references in the index are now hyperlinked.

Also in versions for Studio 2015 and 2014 (at 517 and 497 pages, respectively). PDF format, for own printout (i.e. you are not buying a printed book – sorry!) and reading on screen. A more detailed description is given here.

How to buy

Please select version (2017, 2015 or 2014) and currency as well as price (2017: USD 52, EUR 49 or SEK 450 + moms; 2015: USD 50, EUR 47 or SEK 430 + moms; 2014: USD 48, EUR 45 or SEK 400 + moms).

Version Currency


Your order will be immediately confirmed by PayPal. Within 24 hours you will receive a separate e-mail with information for the download of a zipped file.

Free updates: Each version of the manual is updated roughly twice a year until the a new version is published (currently this means 2019). Every buyer will be notified for free download (note that this does not include upgrades from one “year” version to another; see below). The main update material will be published from time to time in the blog part of this site until the updated version is finalised.

Discount for “upgrade” from 2014/2015 to 2017: Buyers of the 2014 or 2015 version can buy the 2017 version at a 50 % discount.

Sample pages
Version 2017
Version 2015
Version 2014
(Samples of 2017 are being prepared.)

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