Upgrade to 2022

As stated on the starting page, buyers of older versions can buy the 2022 version at a 50 % discount.

How to buy

Your order will be immediately confirmed; within 24 hours you will receive an e-mail with information for the download of a zipped file.

Select currency for upgrade discount price (USD 32:50, EUR 30 or SEK 325 + moms).


5 Responses to “Upgrade to 2022”

  1. Margareta Kiessling says:

    Tack, Mats, för din fantastiska insats!


  2. Elvira Alves Barry says:

    Thanks for the great work, Mats!


  3. Eduardo Ismael Lasota Paz says:

    I love your manual. I’ve just install trados 2017 and I need to learn much more!

  4. Thank you for your amazing work! I decided against upgrading this year, but I will enjoy reading the manual nonetheless!


  5. Oliver Bailey says:

    The essential manual

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