AppStore plugin names in different contexts

Once you have started to download and use AppStore plugins (you should!), you may notice that they often have different names in different contexts. Thus the useful appNotifications has an installation file called AppStoreIntegration; it is called appNotifications in the Plugin Management window and AppStoreIntegration in the Plug-ins list on the Add-ins ribbon. Normally this is something that you don’t need to care about, but as soon as you – for instance – want to locate a plugin in one of the lists, or check if you have already downloaded the installation file, you may be in trouble.

This list covers most of the plugins which to my mind are among the more useful ones, and it gives many – but far from all – of the various names. (The reason that the first column has more names than the others is that I plan to fill in the rest of the columns for those, too.)

The bottom list shows which plugins are already on the Plug-ins list in Studio itself before you add anything – but they are still not called System plug-ins. There is probably a reason for this, but I don’t know why.

Of course these things will change from time to time, so I will update the list now and then. This version is dated October, 2019. And the highlighted items are ones that I simply don’t know for certain what they are, so I have made guesses.

The list in pdf format is found here, and I have included the above text.

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