Creating a TM file from a Word table with source + target

Sometimes you have a Word document with source and target texts not in the usual Trados bilinugal format but simply as two columns in a table. Roger Sjölander’s nice macro handily transforms that table into a TM file in text format (but first make sure that the source is in the left-hand column). The macro is called Modul 1.bas, and you will find it here.

As with all .bas documents, you open the MS Visual Basic window (Alt + F11), open File > Import file and import the file in question.

If you want to assign a shortcut to it, here’s how (in case you do not remember):

Open Word’s Tools > Customize dialog. Click the Keyboard button. In the Categories list, click Macros. Select the macro in the list to the right. Enter the shortcut in the Press new shortcut key box, then click Assign then Close and Close again.

If you don’t use shortcuts, here’s how to run the macro:

Open the macro window (Alt + F8), go to the macro and click the Run button.

PS. If you receive a “5156 runtime error” message when you use the macro, it may be that you are trying to save the resulting file directly in the root catalogue (usually C:). Try moving it to a subdirectory (existing or new).

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