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More about the OpenAI plugin

The wiki is very informative, but a bit sparse with regard to the account business. Here are some more instructions: Sign up for an OpenAI account by clicking the corresponding link in the Settings window, as shown by the wiki, step 1. You arrive at a Create account window; just follow the instructions. Follow the […]

Standards for translation

Yes, there are standards for translation – but they are expensive and, at least for freelance translators, perhaps only of moderate interest. However, it may still be useful to be reasonably familiar with them. You should also know that they apply to requirements and responsibilities, not to the results. Ingemar Strandvik – Quality Manager at […]

The use of Language Mapping for machine translation

The matter of language mapping is not something for which there is often a need, but just in case, I’ll give a brief description here. So: You might have a situation where one, or both, languages (usually the target language) does not have an “engine” in the MT Cloud, but you would like to use […]

Another excellent book on machine translation

Review of Jörg Porsiel (ed.): Maschinelle Übersetzung für Übersetzungsprofis. 384 pages. BDÜ Fachverlag 2020. €37. Order here (“Einkaufskorb” means “Shopping basket”). Three years ago, the German translators’ organisation MDÜ published, via its publishing company BDÜ Fachverlag, the excellent machine translation primer “Machine Translation – What Language Professionals Need to Know” (reveiewed by myself here). Its […]

Changing the Studio language settings

In addition to what I have written in the manual about changing the languages used in the Freelance edition of Studio, there is one other quite simple way of doing it. But it involves manipulating the Windows registry, so care should be taken when you do it. (Even before I wrote this, a corresponding instruction […]

AppStore plugin names in different contexts

Once you have started to download and use AppStore plugins (you should!), you may notice that they often have different names in different contexts. Thus the useful appNotifications has an installation file called AppStoreIntegration; it is called appNotifications in the Plugin Management window and AppStoreIntegration in the Plug-ins list on the Add-ins ribbon. Normally this […]

What are your default QA check settings?

This is a discussion held at the Studio Beta Group Forum. Since you have to be a member of that group to read it, and since it is quite interesting, I have obtained permission from the participants to publish it here. Daniel Brockmann Now that CU2 is out the door, I would love to hear […]

What you want to know about Intento

Intento is a remarkable Studio plugin which gives you easy access to more than twenty MT providers. It’s use is not free (see below), but the charges are very reasonable. Confidentiality This is what is said in “Exhibit E” of the license agreement: “We have two types of requests (from Customer to Intento and from […]

The AppStore at SDL

The SDL AppStore site is renovated from time to time. Also, not all functions on it are self-evident. So here is a brief orientation which may help you to utilize it without too much experimentation. This is the start page:                   Unless you are interested in web […]

How (un)safe is machine translation?

Note: This is a revised version of a text previously published at the eMpTy Pages blog under the heading “The Data Security Issues Around Public MT – A Translator Perspective”, with an extensive introduction by blog editor Kirti Vashee and some reader comments. This version is slightly updated. Some time ago there were a couple of posts […]

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