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Translating PDF format to PDF format

If sometimes you are stuck with a pdf file without recourse to the source, and the layout is complicated with perhaps images inserted in the text, various columns, and whatnot – then your solution is probably called Infix. Infix is a program with two main functions: (1) It allows you to edit any pdf file. [...]

The AppStore at SDL

The SDL OpenExchange is no more. In its place we now have the SDL AppStore. But what’s in a name? There are more important changes: the user interface has been completely re-vamped and is now very much more user-friendly. Here is a brief orientation which may help you to utilize it. This is the start [...]


This text replaces the corresponding section in the manual; it has been removed in order to save space there but also because its “competitor”, AutoHotkey seems to be more popular. It is also easier to use; on the other hand, I think PhraseExpress offers a large number of useful functions well worth exploring. Start at [...]

Dependency file not found

When you open a partly translated file to continue translating it, you may encounter the error message “Dependency file not found” with the question “Would you like to browse for this [i.e. the original] file?”. What to do: If you have the original source file, the simplest solution is to answer Yes to the question [...]

Creating one .sdlxliff file for several virtually merged files

If you are working on at project with several files, and in particular if at least some of them are pretty small, and you did not merge them when the project was created – then it may be a nuisance that you cannot export them all into one file for review/proofreading. However, the fact is [...]

Where to find lots of information about Studio 2015

[Updated 25 August, 2015] If you’re curious about the new version, the first thing you should do is go to Paul Filkin’s multifarious blog and read Studio 2015, first things first!. Not only does he tell you about the new features, he also informs about compatibility, the update procedure, migration… I don’t think there is [...]

From “In review 0%” to “In translation” or “Translated 100%”

Here is a problem reported by David Perry and solved by Jerzy Czopik. 1. When does Studio decide to go from “100% translated” to “In review 0%”? Some files do this automatically when I reach the magic 100% mark, others don’t.  2. How can I go back to “In translation”? My package has  two files that refuse to [...]

IntelliWebSearch – a quick start guide to Version 3

Michael Farrel’s IntelliWebSearch (IWS) is an extremely popular program for looking up terms in a large number of terminology (and other) resources, also from within Studio and other CAT tools. It’s quite easy to use, but the help pages (on the net) may be slightly off-putting. Therefore, I have written this quick guide, which will [...]

The IATE termbase – some suggestions

IATE (Inter-Active Terminology for Europe) is the European Union’s inter-institutional terminology database, and it is such a huge – more than 8 million termpost entries – and comprehensive (and also to a great extent normative) terminology resource that I feel motivated to include some extra information about it. A good place to start is IATE’s [...]

The SDL Language Cloud

This will be a long post… With the cumulative update (CU) 6, on 5 August, the SDL BeGlobal Community was replaced by the SDL Language Cloud. It offers many more options and hence requires a sub-section of its own, which will be included in the upcoming update of the 2014 version of the manual. (Note, [...]

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