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What are your default QA check settings?

This is a discussion held at the Studio Beta Group Forum. Since you have to be a member of that group to read it, and since it is quite interesting, I have obtained permission from the participants to publish it here. Daniel Brockmann Now that CU2 is out the door, I would love to hear […]

What you want to know about Intento

Intento is a remarkable Studio plugin which gives you easy access to more than twenty MT providers. It’s use is not free (see below), but the charges are very reasonable. Confidentiality This is what is said in “Exhibit E” of the license agreement: “We have two types of requests (from Customer to Intento and from […]

The AppStore at SDL

The SDL AppStore site is renovated from time to time. Also, not all functions on it are self-evident. So here is a brief orientation which may help you to utilize it without too much experimentation. This is the start page: Unless you are interested in web content management, select Language Solution Apps: However, this is […]

How (un)safe is machine translation?

Note: This is a revised version of a text previously published at the eMpTy Pages blog under the heading “The Data Security Issues Around Public MT – A Translator Perspective”, with an extensive introduction by blog editor Kirti Vashee and some reader comments. This version is slightly updated. Some time ago there were a couple of posts […]

The many faces of post-editing

Note 1: This is a revised version of a text previously published at the eMpTy Pages blog under the heading “Post-editing” – what does it really mean?”. This version is more up-to-date (and slightly enlarged), but the blog post is followed by several interesting comments not included here. Note 2: This new version, published on 2 […]

Trados Studio apps/plugins for machine translation

For a long time now, I’ve been intrigued by the very large number of apps/plugins in the Studio appstore which give access – free or paid – to various types of machine translation services and facilities. Since I have lately found that the use of MT may give surprisingly good results at least for En […]

Excellent book on machine translation

Review of Jörg Porsiel (ed.): Machine Translation. What language Professionals Need to Know. 260 pages. BDÜ Fachverlag 2017. €49. Order here (“Warenkorb” means “Shopping basket”). If you are interested in machine translation (MT) and would like to know more – in fact a lot – about it without having to trawl the internet (and getting […]

Searching for text in tags – and for text which happens to include tags

If you are searching for text in tags, you can use the extremely versatile app Integrated Search Views (which permits an enormous variety of filtering and handling options). You don’t need to do so, however, because the Advanced Display Filter (new in Studio 2017) will look for the text you are searching for also in […]

Translating PDF format to PDF format

If sometimes you are stuck with a pdf file without recourse to the source, and the layout is complicated with perhaps images inserted in the text, various columns, and whatnot – then your solution is probably called Infix. Infix is a program with two main functions: (1) It allows you to edit any pdf file. […]


This text replaces the corresponding section in the manual; it has been removed in order to save space there but also because its “competitor”, AutoHotkey seems to be more popular. It is also easier to use; on the other hand, I think PhraseExpress offers a large number of useful functions well worth exploring. Start at […]

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