Where to find lots of information about Studio 2015

[Updated 25 August, 2015] If you’re curious about the new version, the first thing you should do is go to Paul Filkin’s multifarious blog and read Studio 2015, first things first!. Not only does he tell you about the new features, he also informs about compatibility, the update procedure, migration… I don’t think there is anything that you need to know that Paul hasn’t covered here.

Another blogger, Emma Goldsmith, has written two informative posts on her Signs & Symptoms of Translation:

and they are exactly what you expect.

The “official” information on Studio 2015 is of course the Release Notes.

A particularly popular new feature, the extension of the AutoSuggest facilities, is described in detail by Nora Díaz in her blog post, Studio 2015: AutoSuggest Gets Even Better (in Nora Díaz on Translation, Teaching, and Other Stuff).

And since (a) the 2015 of my manual is not out yet, and (b) it would anyway probably too late to read about this particular OpenExchange plugin if you have already bought and installed Studio 2015, you should take note of it already before you do that. I’m talking about the Studio Migration Utility, which helps you in a clever way to transfer all your work from one version of Studio to another (likely 2015). Read more about it in Paul Filkin’s blog post, With a little help from my friends.

Also, if you are upgrading and have OpenExchange applications installed for Studio 2014, Emma Goldsmith’s blog post How to transfer apps from SDL Trados Studio 2014 to 2015 should be useful.

Finally, I’m pretty certain that sooner or later, you will need Paul Filkin’s blog post SDL Sustenance, where you can read everything about how to find support and help for Studio. (And it’s a lot!)

And that, friends, gives you a very good start when making the decision to buy or not to buy Studio 2015, and getting started with it (and using it) if you do.

Then towards middle September you can expect to be able to get the 2015 version of the manual, all 510+ pages of it. (Yes, a new version of Studio only adds features without detracting anything, and this is reflected in the girth of the manual.)

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