Merge segments not in same paragraph

…as long as the document is in MS Word 2000-2003 (.doc) and 2007-2010 (.docx) format.

Somehow in the latest edition I missed describing the possibility to merge any two (consecutive) rows, regardless of same paragraph or not, using the new function to change source documents in those formats. It will be rectified in next edition of the manual, of course (planned for March, 2013). Meanwhile, this is how:

Note: This method in fact means that you transfer some or all content from one segment to another, so it’s not “merge” in the strict sense – but it also means more flexibility.

1. Make sure you have enabled the change source segment function: Open Project > Project Settings (or click the Project Settings tab). At left, select Project, and then at right, select Allow source editing for supported file types.

2. Back in the edited document, in one of the source segments to be ”merged”, copy all content which is to be transferred to the preceding/following segment.

3. Place the cursor in the segment where the copied text is to be inserted.

4. Press Alt+F2. A rectangle around the segment shows that it may be edited.

5. Insert the copied text where it belongs.

6. Place the cursor in the segment where the copied text is to be deleted. Press Alt+F2 and delete it.


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