Ctrl/Shift shortcuts for cut, copy and paste

For cutting, copying and pasting, I prefer using the shortcuts Ctrl+Del, Ctrl+Insert and Shift+Ins, respectively, which are normally available in all Windows-based applications. (Why? It may be that being right-handed, I prefer using the right hand to press the non-function keys; it may also be that I find it easier to locate the Ins and Del keys on my full keyboard than to locate – with the left hand – the X, C and V keys. I haven’t really thought much about it.)

Following the instructions in section 4 of the manual, I deleted the Ctrl+Ins shortcut for Copy Source to Target and assigned Ctrl+Del and Ctrl+Insert as above. But when I tried assigning Shift+Ins, I found it was not possible. Nothing happened.

I put a question to TW_Users, and sure enought, Paul Filkins kindly investigated and came up with a solution.

So, if you share my preferences, this is how to assign Shift+Ins (not complicated at all):

1. Close Studio. Locate the file usersettings.xml, which you will usually find in the following place:

Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Application Data\SDL\SDL
Trados Studio\[]
Windows Vista/7: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\SDL\SDL Trados

2. Open it in a text editor and locate the following section (it may not look exactly like this):

<SettingsGroup Id=”ShortcutsSettingsGroup”>
<Setting Id=”Copy”>
<Value>[whatever your setting]</Value>
<Setting Id=”CopySourceToTargetAction” />
<Setting Id=”Paste”>
<Value>[whatever your setting]</Value>

3. Then insert as Paste value this text: <Value>Insert, Shift</Value>

4. Save the file.

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