Printout only relevant web page content (not Studio-related – but useful!)

I don’t like reading long texts on screen. Also, I often need (or think I need) to save interesting and/or important stuff on paper.

But screen content is often cluttered with all sorts of irrelevant material. And sometimes also the layout makes direct printouts difficult to handle and read (e.g. the type size may be inordinately small on paper). One method to obtain nice printouts is to copy the relevant content and paste it into Word, whereupon you can edit it as you like. But this is not always easy; some web pages are very difficult to edit even in Word format.

However, there is a solution. At the click of a button, the Evernote Clearly application ( reformats the web page content to something which looks good on paper. ProZ discussions is a good example. This is how a discussion looks originally on-screen:

On several occasions, I have copied and pasted ProZ content into Word, but the convoluted table format makes it very difficult to achieve a good printout even so. With Evernote Clearly, this is what you see in your browser:


Obviously, this makes for a good printout. If you copy it into Word, the table layout is still there, but it’s relatively easy to re-format it as you like it.

Evernote Clearly is free and very easy to install and use. Its one drawback is that it only works with Google Chrome. It seems to work as expected on almost all occasions; only once did it happen that the selected content was not what I wanted. Good stuff!


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