Trados Studio apps/plugins for machine translation

For a long time now, I’ve been intrigued by the very large number of apps/ plugins in the Studio appstore which give access – free or paid – to various types of machine translation services and facilities. Since I have lately found that the use of MT may give surprisingly good results at least for En > Sv (as well as completely useless ones), I was curious to know more about all these various options. Here is a brief overview of what I found trying to explore them to the best of my ability. (Because of the shitty layout – to be revised – of this site I cannot include the table on this page, but I trust you will be as well served by the separate page.)

This material will be included in the next edition of the Studio 2017 manual (also to include the updates provided in SR1).

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  1. [...] has produced a detailed list of some 20 MT solutions, including free and paid plugins that can be downloaded from the SDL AppStore and integrated [...]

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